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International Crating

Certified Hawaii Crating Service for International Moving

Many of our customers utilize our crating services for long distance and international moves. In fact, our crates are certified for international shipment, ensuring your goods will be accepted into the country. This crate certification requires special wood and other requirements to ensure its safety during transit and entrance into foreign countries. Our cushioned skids and barrier bagging add to the safety and damage-free condition of your goods while crated. American Pacific - Hawaii also provides specialized rigging services for crated items too massive or heavy to lift.

Customized American Pacific - Hawaii Crating Service

With American Pacific - Hawaii crating services, there is nothing we cannot accommodate. Our highly-skilled and professional craters are able to crate any size project for transport. Regardless of size or weight, we can custom crate your goods so they remain sound and secure while in transit. Our crating services are competitively priced, efficient and can be produced in a timely manner.